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Welcome to Advanced Infusion and Wellness Center


 Advanced Infusion and Wellness Center (AIWC) welcomes you to our website! Please feel free to browse around and learn about the innovative services offered at our facility. We have assembled a team of highly skilled providers of advanced practice nurses with experience as nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists. We also have a therapists and other resources to provide you state of the art therapies. The services we provide are on the cutting edge of healthcare, grounded by evidence-based research and provide positive patient outcomes. While some of these services are provided in other parts of the country, AIWC is the first all inclusive outpatient center in the Wichita area providing ketamine infusions for the treatment of many psychiatric and chronic pain conditions. We also provide intravenous fluid hydration, wellness visits (excluding immunizations), sports physicals, and treatment for minor disease conditions. Please check out our “services provided” page on the website and check in often to see what additional services we have added!   

 Our center is privately and conveniently located in northeast Wichita at the Remington Office Park off K96 and Webb. The facility is newly remodeled and able to handle all the services we provide under one roof. Patient comfort, confidentiality, and relaxation are all provided in an upscale environment. Rather than feeling like just another appointment, the AIWC team believes in providing a positive, individualized experience for our patients. We love working with your current care providers to incorporate our services into your plan of care. If you do not have a current provider but feel that you could benefit from our services, please contact us to set up an appointment. We can provide most services in house and have a large referral network of providers for what we cannot cover. Call us today to schedule an appointment, ask questions, or to find out more about our services.


Members of American Society of Ketamine Physicians

Ketamine Infusion Treatments

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety


Depression and anxiety are common conditions leading people to spend billions every year attempting to alleviate their symptoms. While some antidepressant medications are effective, these drugs are not perfect and don’t work for some individuals. Research indicates antidepressant medications help about one-third of people who take them. Many people end up cycling from one prescription to the next in hopes of alleviating their symptoms. In addition, approximately 33% to 50% of patients with generalized social anxiety disorder (SAD) fail to benefit from current standardized treatment modalities such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) medications and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The inability of anxiety relief in patients with SAD leads to considerable morbidity, distress, and decline in overall quality of life. New treatment utilizing an old well-known anesthesia drug in low doses is having astonishing effects on the relief of depression and anxiety symptoms. Contact us to see if ketamine infusions are appropriate for you. Click here for more information on how ketamine infusions work.


Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is defined by the American Psychological Association as recurrent flashbacks, nightmares, emotional disturbances, social withdrawal, and forgetfulness often arising after a traumatic experience. Events such as a threat of injury or death to oneself or a loved one, health care workers and first responders who deal with emergency conditions, and even patients who have untreated chronic pain can trigger PTSD. Many of our veterans returning home are also suffering with PTSD. Treatment for this condition is limited, however ketamine infusions have proven to be highly effectively in alleviating symptoms. Click here to learn more about how ketamine infusions treat PTSD and how AIWC can help!

Chronic Pain and CRPS

Chronic Pain and CRPS

Chronic Pain and CRPS


Patients with Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) experience chronic musculoskeletal pain. The pain is inflammatory and autonomic, usually localized to a part of the body which may have been affected by a previous injury. Type 1 CRPS may follow an injury or immobilization but no direct damage to peripheral nerves. Type 2 features are defined by actual peripheral nerve injury. CRPS often presents with a pain response after normal non-painful stimulation (such as light touch) has been applied to an area of the body. CRPS symptoms vary from person to person and may resolve spontaneously or can result in long term disability. Even though CRPS development mechanism is not clearly understood, ketamine infusions have been proven to help with symptom relief. Click here to learn more about CRPS and see if ketamine infusions provided by AIWC can help your particular situation. Ketamine Infusions in Wichita depression treatments Ketamine Infusions Wichita in Hutchinson


Chronic Pain and CRPS

Chronic Pain and CRPS


AIWC does not treat patients who are in active suicide crisis. Patients who are experiencing acute suicidal thoughts are advised contact their local crisis center, mental health provider, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or simply call 911. Suicide is the10th leading cause of death in the USA. Conditions such as untreated, under-treated or treatment-resistant depression can lead to this alarming rate of suicide. While AIWC does not currently attend to patients with acute suicidal ideations, we do treat conditions which bring about suicidal thoughts through our ketamine infusion services. We can also serve as a resource to connect you with the appropriate referral to get immediate assistance.

About Us


Our Health Mission

Our Health Mission

Our Health Mission

Provide safe, efficient, compassionate, individualized care that is bounded by research based positive patient outcomes. We respect patients right to safe innovative treatments while maintaining a intercollaborative relationship with other providers and facilities that can further enhance the ease of pain and suffering caused by certain diseases. Our goal is to improve the patients health and well-being as quickly and safely as possible.


Our Vision

Our Health Mission

Our Health Mission

 Expand services to meet the dynamic needs of the patient while upholding excellence and advancement in healthcare. Promote and contribute leadership, professionalism, and commitment to the field of health care and advanced practice nursing. We understand the importance of educating patients on the most effective ways to take care of their body in a holistic manner, so they can heal quickly. We value patients time and resources; therefore, a thorough evaluation of the patients condition will be conducted with advisement if we think our services are suitable.



Our Health Mission



  1. Compassion
  2. Integrity      
  3. Dignity
  4. Advocacy
  5. Professionalism
  6. Excellence and Innovation 


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