Ketamine Infusions in Wichita

Ketamine Infusions



Ketamine infusions are proving to have astonishing results in  relieving symptoms related to many psychiatric conditions such as major  depression resistant to traditional therapies, obsessive-compulsive  disorders, anxiety, and postpartum depression. Research is also showing  ketamine infusions are reducing symptoms related to post traumatic  stress disorders (PTSD) and certain chronic pain disorders such as  complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Watch the videos about how  ketamine infusions have changed lives. If you think infusions can help  you, call us to schedule an appointment. Ketamine Infusions are offered in Wichita!

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Hydration Therapy



Dehydration occurs when our bodies lose essential solutions and  electrolytes faster than they can be replaced from what we take in by  mouth. This can be the result of many factors such as illness, extreme  exercise, or even from drinking a little too much the previous night.  Rehydration through an intravenous line (IV) can restore electrolytes  and fluids faster than taking them orally, especially if vomiting is  occurring. Patients who do not require to be hospitalized for their  dehydration can have re-hydration services administered in the comfort  of our clinic. Re-energize and improve function after a long endurance  event such as a marathon, alleviate the dreadful nausea and headache  from a hangover, restore electrolytes after being sick from a fever or  vomiting; whatever your situation is, call us to schedule an appointment  for your hydration therapy. We will get you in rapidly and have you  feeling better in no time! 

Physicals / Wellness Exams, Minor Disease Treatment



Need to have a comprehensive review of your overall health and  wellness that incorporates traditional and holistic therapies? Can’t get  to your regular provider for a sport or work physical? Would like to  have certain lab work checked? Have a minor condition that you would  like to be evaluated for? AIWC can provide all these services with our  convenient evening, late, and weekend hours. Call us to schedule an  appointment that fits into your schedule. Please note that we do not  prescribe opioids or benzodiazepines through any of our wellness or  disease management services.  We are not providing vaccines at this time.

Migraine Treatment



Lasting a few hours to days, migraine headaches are debilitating and  can cause sufferers to lose out on work and family time. Often migraine  sufferera have to retreat to dark rooms and bed rest in an attempt to wave  off associated symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. AIWC  is pleased to provide a non-narcotic treatment for chronic migraine  suffers who are in active crises. By “numbing up” a special nerve with a  local anesthetic that can be accessed through the nasal passage,  migraine and chronic headache sufferers can have instant relief. If you  are experiencing your typical migraine or chromic headache, give us a  call to schedule your appointment to see if this quick, easy treatment  relieves your symptoms. (Note: AIWC does not provide emergency services.  If this headache is new, different from your typical migraine, or  involving a fever, a proper evaluation from your primary care provider  or possibly the emergency department is needed. While we attempt to  provide migraine suffers with an immediate appointment, AIWC cannot  guarantee same day appointments- even though every attempt will be made  to see you as soon as possible).